Technical Writing and Editing

Simple is sophisticated. Writing clearly is a skill, and it takes work to do it well. Sometimes the reason technical documents are difficult to understand isn’t just because the writing is poor – sometimes the thinking is incomplete. If the author doesn’t know what the analysis or data demonstrate, writing clearly is impossible. Osborn Pacific Group compiles information, analysis, data, and conclusions into comprehensive documents that are “user-” and “reader-friendly.” Our documents include:

  • Clear language that is commonly used by the intended audience
  • Only the information needed by the recipient, presented in a logical sequence
  • Sentences written in active voice
  • Apt illustrations, especially where a graphic depiction is worth a thousand words
  • Layout and design that help the reader understand the content, e.g., adequate white space, bulleted lists, helpful headings, and other proven techniques

Representative Projects:

  • Commissioning manuals
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Environmental assessments and impact studies
  • Construction standards
  • Recreation studies
  • Regional recreation assessments
  • Recreation monitoring guidelines
  • Accessibility studies