Transportation and transit facilities

Recognizing that public transportation should be sensitive to a community's sense of identity and design, Osborn Pacific Group has undertaken a wide variety of highway, HOV lane, road improvement, and transit/intermodal projects to provide urban design, visual analysis and environmental documentation, wetland mitigation planning, roadside landscape design, green stormwater infrastructure (GSI), bicycle trails, permit support services, public outreach, construction documents, and support during landscape construction.

We collaborate with engineering professionals to integrate aesthetic landscape features into bridge and highway design projects. Maintenance considerations are balanced with aesthetics and functional requirements to ensure that each facility meets the demands of its varied users for years to come.

Similarly, landscape architecture for transit facility design, including regional transit centers, park-and-ride lots, and plazas have permitted us to focus on pedestrian and vehicular circulation, security and safety issues, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), GSI, and aesthetic enhancement.

Representative Projects

Notable Projects:


South Everett Freeway Station

The I-5 South Everett Freeway Station is the first park-and-ride lot in Washington to be located in a freeway median. Collaboration between Washington State Department of Transportation and Sound Transit resulted in the development of this 26-acre transit station that provides about 400 parking spaces. Osborn Pacific Group designed landscaping within the median to provide safety and security throughout. Vehicular circulation within the parking area is delineated with evergreens punctuated with a variety of reliable, drought resistant colorful accent shrubs. Seasonal color was selected to provide year-round color and interest for park-and-ride users. The floral display ranges from treetops to groundcovers, and provides a variety of color, texture, and fragrance throughout the seasons.


244th Avenue, NE 8th Street to SE 8th Street, Sammamish

Bridging a large wetland to provide a continuous street extending from NE 8th to SE 8th Street simplified the vehicular and pedestrian access between new and existing neighborhoods. Osborn Pacific Group provided landscape architecture, including the streetscape, sidewalks, bike lanes, planted medians, and planted roundabouts. The plant palette focused on low water use and drought tolerant plant communities that provide seasonal interest year-round.  Plants were also selected to provide a sense of scale, comfort, safety, and security for pedestrians and bicyclists. Stormwater was managed and reused on-site through bio-retention swales.

Sam P&R2.JPG

Sammamish Park-and-Ride Lot

Osborn Pacific Group provided landscape architectural services for this Sound Transit multi-phased project. Work included preparation of the landscape master plan, coordination with an artist to integrate artwork in the site plan and with landscaping, and preparation of construction documents for landscape planting and irrigation for the park and ride lot, Issaquah-Pine Lake Road Extension, and 228th Ave. SE improvements. A special project consideration was to review the water quality drainage treatment and low impact development design and determine if there were additional opportunities for phosphorous reduction. These elements included (1) eliminating the curb and gutters along Issaquah-Pine Lake Road extension and utilizing the planting strips as shallow grass swales and (2) enlarging the planting islands in the parking area and eliminating the curbs. The enlarged planting islands coupled with a landscaped area centrally located to serve as an infiltration basin for half of the parking lot contribute to the reduction of phosphorous. These landscape and water quality benefits were balanced with security requirements of keeping the entire lot visible from the street.